What do Women Really Know?

What Should Doctors Tell Their Patients?

Is Anyone Reading the Fine Print?

ABSOLUTLEY SAFE Director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva has spent a decade documenting the breast implant safety debate and believes that doctors should be required by law to INFORM their patients about the proven risks and complications of breast implants; ones that are acknowledged by the FDA and implant manufacturers. Such a law is not without precedent—in New York one is currently in place to require doctors to inform women about the risks of hysterectomy.

Thousands of women get breast implants every year and thousands of women suffer health complications. Did these women know about the risks of implants before their surgeries? Did their doctors give them the FDA safety handbook on breast implants? Did they read the fine print on the back of the implant advertisements? Did they know that only short-term research has been done on breast implants?

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