"ABSOLUTELY SAFE is an important film that women and girls around the country should not miss.”
--Susan Scalan, Chair of National Council of Women’s Organizations

“We are impressed by the diversity of perspectives represented in your work.”

--Judy Norsigian, Our Bodies Ourselves

“Teen Voices is changing the world for girls through media.”
--Teen Voices, www.teenvoices.com


Educational Outreach Campaign for ABSOLUTLEY SAFE

In many ways, our approach to educational outreach for ABSOLUTELY SAFE is rooted in the style of the film itself. We will bring people together from all sides of the breast implant issue and use the film to create an open forum for discussion, debate, and questioning.

Using the film as a tool to promote discourse and education, companion activities will offer contrasting perspectives, opportunities for common ground, and a safe space where participants agree to disagree. In collaboration with our Outreach Partners, our efforts will target concrete campaigns goals, namely starting fresh discussion about breast implant safety and the role of beauty in an appearance driven culture.

ABSOLUTELY SAFE’s Outreach Partners include:

A number of esteemed national organizations have endorsed the film and are committed as outreach partners:

National Organization of Women

National Council of Women’s Organizations (represents 200 women’s organizations)

Our Bodies Ourselves

2010-2011 Fledgling Fund Screening Tour

The renowned women's health advocacy organization Our Bodies Ourselves and director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva have been awarded an educational outreach grant by the Fledgling Fund. Partnered in a film screening tour and lecture tour, Judy Norsigian founding director of Our Bodies Ourselves and Carol Ciancutti-Levya will travel to college campuses in 2010-2011. The goal of the tour is to reach out to student health advocates on college campuses and help motivate and support them in their grassroots efforts concerning women's health. Conversations about women's health, body image, and collaborative projects among campuses are the goal.

Screening Tour Dates

Donate to Outreach

If you or someone you know is interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Outreach campaign for the film, it is possible to do so through the film’s fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies.

Woman Make Movies Online Donation Form

Or download and fill out the WMM Contribution Form
Send the completed form along with your donation to:

Amaranth Productions, Inc.

48 West 37th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Please check back soon and read more about our developing and exciting educational outreach campaign. Send us ideas of you own! Let us know how the film could make an impact in your community! We want to hear from you! Write to us at info@absolutelysafe.com.