“And that’s part of the thing of being beautiful. You want to look good, and you probably want to impress people.”
–7 year old girl

“I felt like so much more of a woman after I got them (breast implants).”

–Deneé Dimiceli

“You don’t need breasts to be beautiful, you don’t need breasts to be smart, you don’t need breasts to live…”
–Colleen Swanson

“Where it is written that our bodies should be free of lines or marks or scars? Such bodies do not exist.”
–Our Bodies Ourselves


Where does your definition of beauty come from?

What appearance standards do you measure yourself against?

Are these realistic and fair?

What appearance pressures are you placing on
yourself everyday?

Do you judge others on their appearance? Are your judgments fair?

In a culture obsessed with appearance and celebrity, we must consciously work to keep our attitudes about beauty and appearance grounded in the real world of everyday people and everyday bodies.

Redefining beauty starts with one conversation at a time, one mind at a time…

A primary goal of ABSOLUTELY SAFE is to spark discussions that will encourage women and men of all ages to think about and re-define their own definitions of beauty. The unrealistic, unattainable standards of beauty that surround all of us are very powerful influences.

Approximately 80% of breast implants are used for augmentation purposes (for larger breasts) or for a breast lift (for firmer, raised, more youthful breasts). Given this statistic, it seems clear that many women believe that larger and more youthful breasts will increase beauty and attractiveness.

The cosmetic surgery business is booming around the world. Women of all ages, shapes, colors, backgrounds, and professions flock to plastic surgeons’ offices to become more attractive and more like an idealized beauty—a woman without “flaws.” Influenced by media and pop culture, women have placed standards of beauty upon themselves that can only be attained with the help of money and a surgeon. Women judge themselves and others against flawless and ageless airbrushed images of celebrities and models.

ABSOLUTELY SAFE reveals that the conversation about breast implants and all cosmetic surgery is far more complex than simple pros and cons. Rather, the real conversation, the most important conversation—with the most difficult and challenging questions—rests with viewers themselves. All individuals in our culture ultimately face this confusing intersection of vanity, choice, risk, money, beauty, and health. ABSOLUTELY SAFE is part of an important, evolving, and collaborative discussion about beauty, self esteem, and the cosmetic surgery industry.

This conversation is not a judgmental one, full of finger pointing and blame. It is a conversation that asks each woman and man, young and old, to have an honest, compassionate, introspective, and open-minded conversation about one’s own notions of beauty. What are they? Where do they come from? What risks are worth taking to be more beautiful? What is the difference between feeling good and looking good? Is my self esteem really based on how I look?

There are many books, organizations, curriculums, campaigns, and media groups that have started discussions about re-defining beauty. Amaranth Productions will collaborate with other organizations and use ABSOLUTELY SAFE in a grassroots campaign to help spark these important conversations.

Building a Better Body Image with Our Bodies Ourselves

One of ABSOLUTELY SAFE’s Educational Outreach Partners is the world-renowned woman’s organization Our Bodies Ourselves. Publisher of the acclaimed women’s health book Our Bodies Ourselves, this organization has many interesting programs regarding the subject of a woman’s body image and the pressures to fit an idealized definition of beauty.

“Our society is obsessed with looks and weight, but that does not mean we have to passively accept negative messages we receive about our bodies. “

Our Bodies Ourselves has suggested Steps to Build a Better Body:

Read this list over and over and try one of these things. Pass it on to a friend. Tell your daughter, your sister, your wife. Redefining beauty begins one person at time.

Steps written by Sarai Walker.